THE RADIANCE OF BLACK – Adult Epic Fantasy / Solarpunk – Status – Complete at 91,000 words

The city of Radiant Heights, once united under an artificial sun, is now divided. While half enjoys continuous daylight, the other half toils away in endless night.

Ex-cultist Ferris Foust struggles to survive in the dark by pilfering the keepsakes of the dead and pawning them. Without the sun to burn away spirits, however, every stolen memento means dealing with the ghosts of their former owners. After pillaging a murdered girl’s corpse, Ferris is stuck with the bratty child’s spirit until he can rid himself of her locket.  To make matters worse, Ferris’s fanatical former allies are in pursuit again. They seek to harness the energy of lost souls to resurrect their master, a primordial evil known as the Ghastsire—and they need Ferris’s help to do it.

Recently recovered from an emotional breakdown, Magister Sesily Marigold is tasked with finding the missing girl whose locket and spirit Ferris now possesses. Torn between a need to prove herself to her peers and building a new life with the woman she loves, Sesily descends into the darkness when she discovers the girl’s disappearance is part of a larger conspiracy to revive the Ghastsire and extinguish their sun for good.

While Sesily regards Ferris with little more than thinly veiled contempt—and vice versa—the pair form an uneasy alliance in the hopes of stopping the fanatics. But when saving the city means sacrificing the ones they love, Ferris and Sesily will have to make a choice: living alone in the light, or dying together in the dark.

THE MANY FOES OF AURORA OVERDARK – YA Supervillain Fantasy – Status – Complete at 81,000 words.

Aurora Overdark has survived four years of superpowered classmates and her own deadly inventions in preparation for Finals Week at Overdark Academy, where the world’s most gifted young people are trained to use their unique gifts to combat inequality around the world. But instead of a simple test, Aurora’s Final will be a pass or fail showdown with her archrival, Callie “Calamity” Corona, who can increase her physical size to match her towering ego. Calamity despises Aurora and believes she is undeserving of the privilege that comes with her family name.

Aurora meets Luna, a mysterious young woman who resembles the city’s most beloved Superhero–and the Academy’s greatest foe–her carefully laid plans to conquer the Final are thrown into a tailspin. Many at the Academy believe Luna is a sleeper agent, sent to manipulate Aurora and destroy them from within, but Aurora sees Luna for what she is: a girl who doesn’t know her own place in the world.

After Aurora’s secret rendezvouses with Luna are exposed, Calamity seizes the opportunity to increase the stakes of their Final bout: if Aurora loses, she will be banished from the Academy and Luna will remain a prisoner. Aurora must defeat her monstrously vain nemesis, or she won’t just risk her place at the Academy and her family’s legacy–she’ll lose out on a chance with love that transcends the very definition of heroes and villains.