What I Did About Book Number Two

Light Blub Number2

Way back when I wrote a post asking what I should do about writing my second novel. Would I continue the story of Alexia and company and craft the second volume of the FATES saga, or would I start a whole new story, in case FATES never saw the light of published day? This was coming off of a trip to Writers Digest Conference East, where I came to realize that FATES was not quite ready for prime time yet.

From the response to that post I got, the general consensus was to go with the new story. Far be it from me to question the wisdom of you, dear readers, so that’s exactly what I did. It was hard to step away from the story I had spent the previous three years writing, but I knew it needed to be done. And I really didn’t completely walk away from FATES, I spent a couple of months editing it again in the fall, trying to get it into a more publishable condition. In fact, I’m just about to go back to the grim task of editing FATES one last time before querying again. Please allow Jon Snow and Ygritte to express my joy as I prepare to descend into the Edit Cave once again:

Sad Jon Snow Gif

Ygritte Game of Thrones Gif

Yeah, not really looking forward to it, but one must do what one must do.


The Great Buffy vs Supernatural Challenge – Part One

In case you didn’t know my good friend Shauna Granger and I are currently embroiled in a two person TV Watching Hunger Games – an epic battle of genre show supremacy to see if I can finish the entirely of Suprnatural before she finishes Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Whoever wins gets to pick whether our Magetech troupe plays the Buffy or Supernatural RPG later on this year.

High stakes here folks!

I just finished the first season of Supernatural yesterday and I feeling very proud of myself. So  decided to tweet about it, like I do all of my great great accomplishments. I was feeling a lot like this:

Dean Winchester Excited

But then Shauna unloaded this haymaker on me in response:

And all at once I was like this:

Dean Winchester Laptop Close

Okay, so she’s Katniss and I’m one of the nameless kids that gets killed in the Cornucopia on the first day. Whatevs. I’m cool with that. I’m a leisurely guy and I like to do stuff at a leisurely pace. Yeah, leisurely, that’s the ticket!


Soooooo, about that Supernatural Season One….

Spoiler warning too, I guess…


Writers in the Wild


The writer’s life can be a lonely one.

One full of solidarity that’s often just yourself and your words.

Not that it’s a completely terrible thing, quiet alone time can often be a writer’s greatest ally. But what I do find is that I don’t get to talk “the craft” very often in my day to day life. My day job is nothing related to writing, so there’s not really any opportunity to talk about my stories, my processes, the difficulties or or the triumphs I’m experiencing on a regular basis. Most of my talking about writing is done with my writer pals on Twitter – whom I love dearly, and don’t know where I would be in this crazy writerly world without.

It’s interesting though, every now and again I’ll unexpectedly meet someone in everyday life who is part of the greater community of authors. It’s always a pleasant surprise and awesome because there’s a certain sparkle you can see in someone’s eyes when you say to them – “Oh really? I’m a writer too!” There is a kinship there, even with a relative stranger, once you realize the two of you have both been through many of the same experiences trying to make it in the industry. You know you’ve both spent those long hours staring at the that blinking cursor, wondering if all the time you’ve spent writing this book, all the words you’ve poured out onto these pages, was really worth it, all the while still knowing deep down inside that of course it was. You know it was because you know there are others like you out there feeling the same way and now you’ve just met one of them!

Well that’s happened to me twice in the last couple of weeks, and both have been wonderful and affirming experiences.


Wonder Woman = Worse Faora?

WW Oh No

Yesterday another rumor was leaked by Batman On Film that the folks at WB/DC would be completely overhauling Wonder Woman’s origin for the Man of Steel sequel. Essentially, the rumor states that Diana will get a whole new origin where she’s no longer an Amazon, but a part of a breakoff group of Kryptonians who landed on Earth ages ago and whose powers waned over time. Seriously.

Now rumors have been flying fast and furious about this film for months and a good deal of them have been pretty farfetched, so this one should be taken with only the smallest granduil of salt. As awesome as Denzel Washington playing John Stewart sounds, I just can’t see it happening. Then again, Ben Affleck playing Frank Miller’s Dark Knight was something I would have never fathomed in a thousand lifetimes and that happening – so yeah.

Even if this rumor does end up being totally false, it’s still an interesting topic of discussion why WB/DC might stick to Orphaned Spaceman and Orphaned Billionaire origins for the other two members of their Trinity, but ditch a more fantastical and mythology based origin for Wonder Woman.

In all honestly, it’s kind of clever idea and would make sense with the established MoS universe, but it’s also a completely unnecessary one. Essentially what WB/DC would be doing is changing Wonder Woman from the fierce battle-tested Amazon warrior-princess into Worse Faora. And that’s pretty much what she would be – a depowered version of Faora, who while certainly a capable fighter in MoS, was still only able to go toe to toe with Supes when she had Giant CGI Man as backup. Is it really prudent for one of The Trinity to essentially be a watered down version of Zod’s chief henchwoman?


Hell naw.


My Moderately Triumphant Return

*Browses through Internet history*

Hey… what’s this thing in here with my name on it?

Oh yeeeeeeah… it’s that blog I haven’t updated since July!

*Clears throat*

Well, it’s a new year, why not a new blog post?



In all seriousness, I really do need to blog more. Originally, the whole point of this blog was to discuss my journey down that long hard road into the publishing world, but it turned out my first novel was not quite ready to begin that journey yet! Besides that little tidbit, the lack of blogging mostly comes from the fact that it’s often a toss up between writing a blog post or writing / editing one of my novels.

And guess what folks? The novel almost always wins.


Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday – 07/27/13

SciFi & Fantasy Banner

Whoa… it’s been like a month since I last did a Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday, but I’m back with another snippet from my current work in progress, MILADY’S LINGERING SOUL! Also, everyone please check out this awesome weekly blog showcase for some brilliant SFF writers works!

From Chapter 3 – a little more banter between our ‘hero’ Ferris and his spectral companion, the Senator’s daughter Penelope, who are on their way up through The Shade to find a man Ferris is going to pawn her locket to. But first, our roguish protagonist wants to take a break for a bit of carousing and Penelope will have none of it:

“You’re very distracting and talking to you under my breath makes me look like a crazy person. Now please, I beg that you just give me a moment’s peace to enjoy my drink and a bit of conversation with the young lady over yonder.” He raised one of the mugs and winked at the brunette with her blouse half open and her ample bust spilling out as she leaned over their table. She gave him as smiled that looked like it contained a tooth or five too many in return. 

“Okay, but just so we’re clear about something…” Penelope hovered around to his over side. “You were eating fruit out of the garbage earlier, but you have money to spend on ale and carousing with that… woman?” 

“People throw away perfectly good food all the time, but nobody in The Shade ever throws out booze or women.” Ferris gave a look at another woman at one of the tables they passed and as she gave him a sultry grin, he thought he may have discovered where the other may have procured her extra teeth. “Well nobody throws booze out, anyway.”

That’s today’s snippet! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out all the other Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday contributors this week!

Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday – 06/28/13

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Hello dearest readers! I’m back for another Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday! Thanks so much for reading and commentating! Everyone please check out this awesome weekly blog showcase for some brilliant SFF writers works! Today’s snippet will be from my current work in progress, MILADY’S LINGERING SOUL.

This another passage is from Chapter 2. Sesily Marigold, the magister who we met last week, has been interviewing the Senator and his chief of staff. She is about to leave, until the Senator mentions a name from her past as the possible reason for his daughter’s disappearance:

As Sesily turned to exit the Senator’s chambers, he spoke up again. “What about Malik Temps? The man from The Shade who killed those girls?” His voice was so raw and garbled with she could barely make out what he was saying, but there was no mistaking the the name he spoke. 

Malik Temps, a vagabond from The Shade, had somehow been able to breach the upper Halos either without a Solar Pass or had acquired one by some nefarious means. He murdered eleven young women before he was apprehended by the Absolvers.  His crimes grew more and more brazen with each successive girl, the first few were found in the industrial district of Halo Nine, but the last one was killed right in center of the Senate’s Grand Courtyard right in plain sight. He later told them that he was releasing their spirits, their souls, that he had saved them from a fate far worse than death. They found personal affects from each girl on him, rings, necklaces, some small possession of theirs.

That’s today’s snippet! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out all the other Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday contributors this week!

Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday – 06/21/13

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Hello dearest readers! I was out of town last week, but I’m back for another Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday! Everyone please check out this awesome weekly blog showcase for some brilliant SFF writers works! Today’s snippet will be from my current work in progress, MILADY’S LINGERING SOUL.

This passage is from Chapter 2, where we meet our other main character, Sesily Marigold. She is a magister from the Conclave of Absolution and is investigating the disappearance of a Senator’s daughter. Said daughter is, of course, the ghost girl from our last snippet:

The Senator picked his head up from his desk and looked her up and down. She was dressed in the Magister’s official garb, armor of bleached leather that covered her entire torso, arms and legs and rose up to enclose tightly around her neck. It was fitted perfectly to her form, short and tightly muscled, thick of thigh and torso. The sigil of Aubade – sphere engulfed in the ring of flame – was emblazoned across her chest. A thin band of gold spanned the circumference of her waist and sash of red silk descended from it, partially obscuring her left leg. On her right arm she wore a gauntlet of plated gold, with thin opening craved into the end just above her fingers, also marked with the crest of Aubade. The features of her face were soft and her skin was bronzed and slightly burnt, as was true to all those who lived in the upper Halos and basked in their undying light. Her apparent youth was betrayed only by a few scant lines of age around her eyes and mouth. A tousled mess of short bleach blonde hair sat atop her head, matching the blanched tone of her armor. She gazed back at the Senator with keen but sympathetic eyes of wintergreen.

That’s today’s snippet! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out all the other Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday contributors this week!



“The task of writing a novel can be a long and arduous one,” said every writer ever.

The process of taking the tempest of ideas inside of one’s head – all the wonderful storylines, lovely characters, thrilling plot twists – and transforming them into actual words can be grueling. It will no doubt be a great day for writers everywhere when someone invents a helmet that just allows bang your head against your keyboard until all of your awesome ideas just come tumbling out. Until that day though, the actual process of writing, however rewarding the finished product may be, will be a slow and difficult one.

That all sounded dreadfully pessimistic didn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, I love the process of writing and creative development, but it is tough. There is something about it though, especially when starting a new project, which brings unequivocal joy to my wordsmithing heart.

Word building.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday – 06/08/13

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Hello dearest readers! This marks my first attempt at Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday, an awesome weekly blog showcase for SFF writer’s works! Today’s snippet will be from my current work in progress, MILADY’S LINGERING SOUL. Our hero (and I use that term loosely) is Ferris Faust, a thief and all around rapscallion, who is cursed with an ability that draws out spirits from the treasures he’s pilfered.

From the first chapter – Ferris is becoming acquainted with one such spirit, the daughter of a prominent Senator who is not pleased with her current circumstances:

“I am not a lingerer!” she protested and floated down so that her feet were touching the ground as if she was standing in front of him. “See?”

“Still lingering.” Ferris waved his hand to brush her aside, but it merely passed through her, leaving a trail of mist at the tips of his fingers. “You are a lingerer, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Yeah, well…” she paused and tapped a spectral finger against her spectral chin. “Well you’re just a rummager! Yeah! Look at you just rummaging through all that junk!” She hovered backward with her arms folded and a broad, proud grin on her face.

“Breathtaking wit, milady,” Ferris replied without looking up at her. “Really top shelf stuff. I fear am wounded so deep, I may become a lingerer myself.”

So that’s today’s snippet! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out all the other Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday contributors this week!