Well folks, it’s been a while since we’ve done one of these. There was a little (re: massive) boo-boo on my behalf where I lost like a months worth of edits to FATES, so my blogging and TV watching was put on hiatus while I tried to redo what I lost. But that’s a blog for another day.

As Shauna embarks on the final season of Buffy, we’ll be doing a recap of Seasons 3-5 of Supernatural, which to me was one gigantic story arc spread out over three years. I’ve read Season 5 was actually supposed to be the end of the show, and if so, I think they would have ended on a perfect note.

And I would have won this stupid bet too.



This time around we’re going to do at little tour of my highlights of these seasons. And don’t worry my friends, there will be many many gifs along the way.Oh so many gifs.


The Good

The WinBros got some new allies in these Seasons. I lamented previously that the WInBros’ supporting cast was a bit lacking, and while that was remedied in Season 2 with the introduction of the Harvelles and additional focus on Bobby, but it wasn’t until Season 4 where a really felt a character was introduced with the same importance as either Dean or Sam.

This freaking guy:


Castiel is easily the best addition to the Supernatural mythology since the beginning of the show. Not only is the character incredibly badass, but he was given a fully realized backstory with the history of his host Jimmy and the whole plotline about his rebellion against heaven. The writers invested so much into making him a complete character (and for what I understand there’s more to come) he left like an honorary third WinBro (and not that loser Adam. Ugh.) I’m really excited to see where his story goes from here, because after they averted the Apocalypse, I’m not really sure what Cas’s role in the greater Supernatural universe is going to be. As emotionless and obtuse as he can be sometimes, I feel like Cas is one the more human characters at times.

Anyways, he’s probably my favorite character on the show now (sorry Dean) and hope he becomes even more ingrained in the mythos as we go forward.

Another character I really enjoy was introduced in these Seasons was Writer Chuck.


No kidding, pal.

Basically he’s a writer who has penned a series of novels identical to the everything the WinBros have experienced during the series and what is going to happen to them in the future as well. The twist being that he’s actually a prophet and these stories are actually visions from God. I thought this was really awesome, both as a glimpse as to what it’s like to be a struggling writer, but also as another layer in the Supernatural mythology and a needed plot device Dean and Sam would eventually use to over come their enemies in Season 4.

And I previously mentioned Bobby, but he had some really great moments in these Seasons – not only did he bail out the Winbros on multiple occasions (the phone system they had set up was so clever), have incredible banter with Crowley in Season 5 (Of course I didn’t kiss him), but he also had one of the most touching moments in the show. That episode where the dead come back to life, including his wife, was just crushing. That scene where he was has to burn his wife’s body a second to with Dean and Sam on either side of him was just heartbreaking.

The Bad

These seasons introduced a whole slew of new villains to the Supernatural mythos as well.

First the there was Ruby One:


I really liked her a lot. She fomented distrust between the Windbros as whether or not she could trusted, with Sam (of course) believing that she was out to help them and Dean (the smart one) skeptical of her intentions. How did that work out again?

I don’t know what happened between S3 and S4, but for whatever reason we got Ruby Two in her place:


I didn’t care for her as much as the first one. I think it was the actress more than anything – the character was pretty much the same – but I thought Ruby One was much more convincing in her deception of the WinBros than Ruby Two. I thought it was really apparent  like halfway through S4 that Ruby was going to double-cross them. Maybe it was supposed to be that obvious, but it was.

And I swear my dislike of her had nothing to do with the actress being married to Sam’s actor in real life. I swear. Really.

Next up: Lilith!


How many evil demon lady eye-roll gifs can we do in a row?

I wasn’t a huge fan of Lilith as the Big Bad for Season 3 & 4 – she really didn’t seem to be much more of a threat than the average demon, except that the writers kept telling you she was and she had different color roll-eyes than the other demons. And to be honest, I really liked Evil Little Girl Lilith much better than Another Generic Evil Woman Lilith. I mean seriously – look at those last three gifs – a little differentiation in the female villain mold was welcome. I get that had to change it because of the way they decided to go with the character, but lets be honest, all of that pseudo-sexual stuff with Sam and her could have been totally left out and it wouldn’t have diminished the story or the build up to their final confrontation.

So Lilith was kinda lame, but they made up for her in Season 5 with this bad mofo:


Played with a simmering, tempered evil by Mark Pellegrino, Lucifer was the Big Bad I had been hoping to see since episode one. Unfortuately, I thought he was a bit underused in Season 5, appearing only for what seemed like a quarter of the episodes. But when he was there, he was commanding and threatening presence. I was incredibly disappointed at the end of S5 when Sam took over as Lucifer and we lost all of that smoldering menace.

And of course there was this too – the greatest intro in TV history:

The Lolz

There were some really heat comedic episodes in these seasons – you had at least two Trickster episodes (great plot-twist with that character, btw). The second one where the WinBros are forced to play along with the various TV shows they were thrust into was especially great – you had 90s sitcom Dean and Sam, Doctor Sexy, and a Japanese gameshow filled with ball-smashing (and who doesn’t love a good ball-smashing?). Plus it graced us with gem:


Then of course we had the recurring comedy of Cas trying to act human. I love love love fish out of water humor – one of the reasons I love SLEEPY HOLLOW so much is Ichabod Crane trying to figure out modern the modern world.


Freaking slays me every time.

The Cas highlights – pretending very badly to be and FBI agent with Dean, drinking and entire liquor store when he’s depressed, and of course:


The Supernatural convention episode probably was the cream of the comedic episode crop – just a hilarious and very meta representation of fandom. An awesome surprise was SPN Super Fan Becky, who’s played by Emily Perkins.


I used to be a huge horror buff in my mid-twneties and one of my favorite film series was GINGER SNAPS. Here’s a pic of Becky as a would-be werewolf from GINGER SNAPS 2:


And you may be thinking that creepy looking blonde girl looks kinda familiar too. That’s because she grew up and became this creepy looking blonde woman:


Yup, that happened.

Also, these guys are the best:

demian and barnes supernatural

And i would be remiss if I didn’t mention what is probably the greatest moment in all of Supernatural thus far:


So amazing and perfectly encapsulates why Dean is the superior Winbro. #TeamDean for life, folks.

Which brings us to:

The Sam


Still sucks.


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